Mindfulness meditation can aid in the regulation of emotions, as well as the reduction of stress, anxiety, and sadness.

Our objective is to build a platform that encourages mindfulness practice and makes mindfulness education more accessible.

We can make the world a better place for everyone by training the next generation to take care of their minds.

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 tokens, network Ethereum Mainnet.

An 12% buy and sell tax will be on all transactions for staking rewards and supporting product growth.

The insurance fund contributes to the, long-term viability of the Cimbo Protocol by ensuring that all Cimbo token holders get the same Positive Rebase Rate.

5% - Treasury

Treasury fun for optimizing the Cimbo token, as well as additional functionalities.

3% - Insurance Fund

Insurance Fund to support against major price declines and development of marketplace

2% - Token burning

The tokens are burnt in a blazing furnace to limit the circulating supply and keep the Cimbo

2% - Liquidity Pool

The locked liquidity pool will receive 2% of each transaction.
Baby Bakery

Crypto Technology That Is Next-Generation And Community-Oriented

There will be no private sale.

Features that are anti-whale

Liquidity has been locked for ten years.

Multiple audits are on the way.


Voice Chats Every Day

Baby Bakery


Phase 1:

☑ IdIdea conception.

☑ IdWhitepaper release.

☑ Website launch.

☑ Creation of Social Media handles.

☐ Deployment of Cimbo Token.

☐ Demo/Prototype.

Phase 2:

☐ Influencers should be sought out.

☐ Listing on Coinmarketcap + Coin Gecko.

☐ Campaign for Social Media Marketing on Cardano Testnet.

☐ Telegram members range from 4,000 to 7,000.

☐ Mass adoption of blockchain.

☐ wallet Holders 5,000 Exploration and bridging of cross-chains.

☐ Voluntary donation for community + charity partnership.

Phase 3:

☐ Exchange beta launch.

☐ Telegram 50,000 users.

☐ NFT Marketplace.

☐ YouTube & Influencer collaborations.

☐ Wallet Holders 50,000.

☐ More memes from community.

☐ Telegram 50,000 users.

☐ Sponsoring events, more to be announced.../b>

NFT collection

Cimbo has a one-of-a-kind collectibles collection that is NFT. Several variants of our Cimbo characters will be shown. They'll be unique with different styles and characteristics.

Holding our Cimbo tokens will grant you access to our investor community on a first-come, first-served basis.

All revenue collected through NFT trading will be used to support our most promising crypto projects.

Our soon available NFT Marketplace will ensure best possible NFT purchases.

Our Mission and Values

  • Our Mission: Many meme currencies, like as Shib, Doge, and Safemoon, have taught Cimbo tokens a few tricks and lessons. Fans of the Meme coin community have created a new cryptocurrency. Cimbo is attempting to impress Doge by demonstrating his enhanced transaction speeds as well as his adorableness.
  • Our Vision: Right now, meme tokens are vast and booming. We aim Cimbo to be the first cryptocurrency to connect the Ethereum and Doge communities, as well as the NFT market. It's a winning mix! With the power of community, we will create the world's largest meme community and establish 100 Ethereum charity schools all over the world!
  • Our Values: Our Values: Cimbo is hyper-deflationary, with static reflections that reward holders, so each transaction adds extra Cimbo tokens to your wallet. Simply love, pet, and enjoy out investor community.